4 Days in Paris: The Ultimate guide

4 Days in Paris: The Ultimate guide

Day 1: The Notre Dame Cathedral and the Seine River Start your day with the Notre Dame Cathedral. The is usually a few hours line to enter the cathedral. For us, seeing the Notre Dame from the outside was more than enough. Forget about streets, the Seine River in the main “road” in Paris. On […]

Love travelling family in Dresden, Germany

Work Trips with Family Part 1

Our trip to Dresden was not simply  a vacation trip, but a conference one. Dario had a Physics conference in Dresden and we (Zofia and me) joined him. How to do conference trips with all the family? Here are a few tips from our Love Travelling Family experience. First of all, I personally don’t know […]

Must See In Dresden: Part 2

Must See In Dresden, Germany: Part Two

And here it is: Part Two of top attractions in Dresden. After visiting the Old Town, Lovetravelling family is taking you to the best museums in Dresden. Enjoy your trip Museums Dresden is really a treat if it comes to museums. It’s definitely not New York or Paris, still it’s not easy to find so […]

Must See In Dresden Part 1

Must See In Dresden, Germany: Part One

All you need to know about Dresden. When to go. Where to stay. What to see. We’ve been, we’ve checked. Dresden is among the most visited cities in Germany. With its rebuilt from scratch Old Town, fine museums, famous panorama, and alternative art neighborhoods, it’s a tempting destination. When to visit We stayed in Dresden […]

Tobacco fields Cuba | Love travelling family

How to travel with a baby or a toddler

Travelling with a baby or a toddler does not have to be “the most difficult/crazy/OMG thing in the world.” Here are our tips on how to travel with a kid. Before we start about how to travel with a baby or a toddler, let’s agree on one thing: this is not an article about why […]

Cuban Toys | Love travelling family

It don’t matter if you are black or white…

About race, gender, and our first steps into the world free of prejudice. Michael Jackson had this beautiful song that comes to my mind whenever skin related issues are on the table. It don’t matter if you are Black or White. And I must say it is a brilliant idea, though unfortunately it isn’t that […]

Best beaches in Cuba

Best Beaches in Cuba

Best Beaches in Cuba One of the reasons (and there are thousands of them) why we love Cuba is because no matter in which point of the island you are there are not more than 100 km to some beach. And this is the luxury not many countries have. If you ask people, what beaches […]

Travel Tips 2017

Travel tips for 2017

How to visit 5 capitals in one year: travel tips for 2017 2016 was a good year. It was the year when we travelled to 5 capitals and were in 8 countries. And it didn’t happen because we are rich and have unlimited budget. Neither, because we are unrealistic hippies wandering happily through the world, […]

Welcome to Tbilisi

About happiness of eating solyanka and chebureki sitting on the floor and how we landed in the 18th century Caucasus Farewell Kiev After wandering through beautiful Kiev and putting Zosia to sleep in our hostel room, instead of getting some rest, we somehow miraculously ended up sitting till midnight on the floor in the corridor […]

Love travelling family at 80th birthday of the Tibetan Buddhist teacher Garchen Rinpoche

Always follow the White Rabbit

About Alice in Wonderland, birthdays, and Tibet: why you should always follow the White Rabbit, what magical places the Rabbit-Hole may lead you to, and how we ended up on the 80th birthday of the Tibetan Buddhist teacher Garchen Rinpoche Down the Rabbit-Hole “Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister […]

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