Noravank, Armenia, Southern Provinces

Armenia: Southern Provinces

The moment you slow down, listen to people you meet on the field, hitch-hike by school bus and truck, trust from the first word and open your heart from the first site, you will hear the Armenian heart beating … It was not Rome, not Greece, not Russia. It was Armenia, who was the first […]

Mt Ararat

Yerevan: Part 1

Don’t be afraid to learn people’s biggest sorrows. Without them you’ll never learn their biggest happiness. Picking an accommodation in Yerevan was not a difficult task. It was enough we saw Mt. Ararat on the pictures from the hostel’s balcony. When you google for Ararat, what you get in Wikipedia is: “Mount Ararat is a […]

Armenia Khor Virap | lovetravellingfamily

Longing for Armenia

I was introduced to Armenia in Poland. For many years my family has been friends with Armenian family who lives in the same city. And during all those years with many friendships fading and disappointments in other people growing, one stayed unbreakable: our relation to this Armenian family. As a teenager I participated in Armenian […]

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