Palacio Real, Madrid, Spain

City Breaks: Madrid

City Breaks: Madrid, Spain during Winter Madrid is one of the most common stops for flights from Europe to South America. So, instead of waiting 5 hours at the airport for your next flight, choose longer break between your flights and visit the city. We made our Madrid stop during February on the way back […]

4 Days in Paris: The Ultimate guide

4 Days in Paris: The Ultimate guide

Day 1: The Notre Dame Cathedral and the Seine River Start your day with the Notre Dame Cathedral. The is usually a few hours line to enter the cathedral. For us, seeing the Notre Dame from the outside was more than enough. Forget about streets, the Seine River is the main “road” in Paris. On […]

Must See In Dresden Part 1

Must See In Dresden, Germany: Part One

All you need to know about Dresden. When to go. Where to stay. What to see. We’ve been, we’ve checked. Dresden is among the most visited cities in Germany. With its rebuilt from scratch Old Town, fine museums, famous panorama, and alternative art neighborhoods, it’s a tempting destination. When to visit We stayed in Dresden […]

Things to do in Dubrovnik

One day in Dubrovnik Dubrovnik, called “pearl of the Adriatic”, is probably one of the most popular destinations in Croatia. If you ask someone who hasn’t been in Croatia yet, to pick one place where she/he would like to go, you would probably hear the answer: Dubrovnik. We are usually suspicious when it comes to […]



On our Post-Soviet Trip Bratislava, Slovakian capital lying on the banks of the River Danube, was our first stop. We went there when Zosia was 9 months old and we must say: this is THE CITY to go to with your baby. It’s cozy, comfortable, easy to sightsee, friendly, beautiful, full of life and free […]

Marienplatz Munich

City breaks: Munich

If you live longer time in one place, it always somehow happens. You simply get used to the place and do not notice the beauty of it. We have been living in Munich for a few years now, and on the way our attention to the city faded. We barely made pictures of it, we […]

New York I love you

New York I love you

Usually it is like this: people love New York, they go there for one week, come back complaining about the jet lag and pretend how American they became in those few days. Well, my story was totally different. I’d never wanted to go there and New York definitely wasn’t love at first sight. I lived […]

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