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Weekend in Zakopane, Poland

Podhale, hej! After our road trip through Slovakia we arrived in Poland. One of the best places to cross the border to Poland is definitely through Slovakia. North Slovakia and the south of Poland share the same mountain range – Carpathians. And wherever there are mountains there is a specific culture of the region. In […]

Vlkolinec, UNESCO

Slovakia: Road trip

After few days in Bratislava we hit the road again and decided to make a road trip through Slovakia with the speed of light. Believe us, this trip should take much longer, as the things that you can see on the road are really amazing. So please treat this blog entry as a sketchbook, the […]



On our Post-Soviet Trip Bratislava, Slovakian capital lying on the banks of the River Danube, was our first stop. We went there when Zosia was 9 months old and we must say: this is THE CITY to go to with your baby. It’s cozy, comfortable, easy to sightsee, friendly, beautiful, full of life and free […]


On the other side of the Berlin Wall

It was the end of June, our daughter was 9 months old, and we were just about to start our two months vacation in Poland – the land of rivers full of vodka, white bears on the pavements in winter and no electricity, aaa, and of course an eternal part of Soviet Union 😀 (I’m […]

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