Love travelling family @ Children's Museum, Deutsches Hygiene-Museum, Dresden

Work Trips with Family Part 2

Time for the second part of our guide to work trips with family. Now let’s go into more details and find out about sightseeing and shopping Sightseeing: what, when, and how If you are staying longer than 2 days in one place, planning sightseeing is much easier as you don’t have to worry about time. […]

Love travelling family in Dresden, Germany

Work Trips with Family Part 1

Our trip to Dresden was not simply  a vacation trip, but a conference one. Dario had a Physics conference in Dresden and we (Zofia and me) joined him. How to do conference trips with all the family? Here are a few tips from our Love Travelling Family experience. First of all, I personally don’t know […]

Tobacco fields Cuba | Love travelling family

How to travel with a baby or a toddler

Travelling with a baby or a toddler does not have to be “the most difficult/crazy/OMG thing in the world.” Here are our tips on how to travel with a kid. Before we start about how to travel with a baby or a toddler, let’s agree on one thing: this is not an article about why […]

Travel Tips 2017

Travel tips for 2017

How to visit 5 capitals in one year: travel tips for 2017 2016 was a good year. It was the year when we travelled to 5 capitals and were in 8 countries. And it didn’t happen because we are rich and have unlimited budget. Neither, because we are unrealistic hippies wandering happily through the world, […]

Travel Medication

Travel Medication

If you are planning your trip to Cuba, you should spend some time preparing and thinking about your travel medication. Of course you should do that whenever you travel, but knowing the medical conditions in Cuba makes you paying a bit more attention to what you want to take, especially when you are travelling with […]

we love travelling

We love travelling, they hate us.

Never good enough to travel. It all started with a conversation I overheard in Poland: “My daughter came just for few days back from studies and she went for one week to Lublin, then 2 weeks to Petersburg. My husband tells her to stop wasting money. But I calm him down and say: let her […]

Magic travels

Magic Travels

What is travelling? Travelling is far more than visiting new places. It is not just a check-list or a scratch-off map of the countries you’ve been to (We got one of those once. It made us so confused. We had no idea what to scratch off. For example after being in Madrid should we scratch […]

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