Zosia, Love travelling family at Sun Guest House, Kutaisi, Georgia

Where to stay and how to travel in Georgia. Reviews

Where to stay and how to travel in Georgia. Reviews Georgia is famous of its hospitality and openness, but if you are travelling there on your own without knowing anyone in the country, recommendations of services from strangers may not necessary be what you expect. And even if you know someone who is Georgian, the […]

Love travelling family and our hosts Viñales, Cuba

Viñales, Cuba

Viñales, Cuba When people ask us which three places to see in Cuba, we always answer Havana, Viñales, and Trinidad, as each of these places has its own unforgettable flavor. However, although both in Havana and Trinidad it was quite simple to make a list of top ten must see things, Viñales doesn’t fall into […]

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Argentina: Iguazu Falls, Cataratas del Iguazú

Iguazu Falls, on the border of Argentina and Brazil, are the largest waterfalls system in the world, but this was not the reason we decided to visit them in the first place. We are not the kind of travelers who visit the biggest or the largest sights around the world. We wanted to see Iguazu […]

Best beaches in Cuba

Best Beaches in Cuba

Best Beaches in Cuba One of the reasons (and there are thousands of them) why we love Cuba is because no matter in which point of the island you are there are not more than 100 km to some beach. And this is the luxury not many countries have. If you ask people, what beaches […]

Welcome to Tbilisi

About happiness of eating solyanka and chebureki sitting on the floor and how we landed in the 18th century Caucasus Farewell Kiev After wandering through beautiful Kiev and putting Zosia to sleep in our hostel room, instead of getting some rest, we somehow miraculously ended up sitting till midnight on the floor in the corridor […]

Che Guevara, Plaza de la Revolución, Santa Clara, Cuba

Santa Clara: Hasta siempre Comandante Che Guevara

Ernesto Che Guevara has been my hero since I remember. First of all, he was born in Argentina, already enough to land in my circle of “love you forever.” Second of all, he had a passion and was an eternal dreamer. And I’m not writing it here to support communism or any other political agenda. […]

View from tower of Museo Histórico Municipal, Trinidad

Things to do in Trinidad

From Cienfuegos to Trinidad we took the Viazul bus. One has to be at the bus stop 30 minutes earlier to “check in,” which is to change your receipt to the actual bus ticket. We as well had to check-in the luggage for 0,50 CUC per piece. The drive from Cienfuegos is not long, moreover […]

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