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Hitchhiking through Armenia

Hitchhiking through Armenia | lovetravellingfamily The story of how instead of Maldives for our honeymoon we picked Armenia and how on our way through the country we became Armenians ourselves.

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Balkan Trip 2015 – Montenegro

Opatija, Croatia3200 km Balkan trip with 8 months old baby through 5 countries if you are not rich is POSSIBLE. We cooked for 3 of us, we carried tea and coffee in thermos and food with us, we were buying fresh food at local markets, we made laundry, we stayed in small cozy places with local people. And still we had an amazing time, visited even more than we planned, and rested so much. Before we had Zosia many told us that with a baby traveling (don’t confuse with vacation on the beach in one place) is not possible. Well it is 🙂 We hope next time we meet more couples with a small baby on the road 🙂

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Post-Soviet Trip

BratislavaLet’s step in a post-soviet word. The beauty of post-soviet world is not obvious. When you enter it from the rich West, it’s usually as a slap in a face. Though they have much more to offer than you can imagine. We went to discover Slovakia, Poland and Lithuania with our 9 months old daughter.

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Cuba 2016

Travelling to the Caribbean was always a dream of us and with our kid we finally decided to go to Cuba. Instead of booking a hotel in Varadero we went for an individual travel through the western part of the country. We met amazing people, and saw beautiful landscapes. We enjoyed watching our small daughter playing with Cuban kids in Havana, making friends in Trinidad, finding crabs at the beach and following chickens in the fields of Vinales.

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Georgia 2016

Zosia and a cat, Old Town, Tbilisi, GeorgiaThe Caucasus is an amazing region and after hitchhiking through beautiful Armenia for our honeymoon we went on to discover Georgia, this time with kid. We had main stops in Tibilisi, Borjomi, Ureki, Mestia and Kutaisi to explore the countryside.

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Balkan Trip 2018 – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Lovetravellingfamily in SloveniaIn 2015, we made a big Balkan Trip, spending most of the time in Montenegro. And as the Balkan is such an interesting region, we wanted to explore it further. Our main goal this time was Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it was definitely not the last time we travelled to this beautiful place on earth.


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