Accommodation in Thailand. Where to stay with kids in Bangkok, Ayutthaya, and Kho Samui.

Accommodation in Thailand. Where to stay with kids

Accommodation in Thailand. Where to stay with kids in Bangkok, Ayutthaya, and Kho Samui.

Before we are going to show you the places we stayed at during our trip to Thailand with kids, I want you to know that this article is not an affiliate article, which means we do not cooperate with any of the places and we are not getting any profit if you book your stay there. Still we decided to write a separate article about our accommodations, because our hosts were very kind and helped us during our stay in Thailand. At the end of our trip, we got the news from Europe that the Corona Virus was declared a pandemic and majority of European countries will be closing their borders. We either had to cancel the rest of our trip and re-book the flight or stay in Thailand until or wait until the pandemic is over. Well, we canceled the rest of our trip and re-booked the flight back. Which means we had to cancel some of the places we planned to stay in and book something else before our flight. The situation was obviously stressful, but we were very lucky to have hosts who understood it and helped us.

One more thing, we noticed that when we meet people for the first time and they find out we are travel bloggers, they tend to treat us differently than other guests, hoping that we are going to write and promote their business. Therefore, we stopped telling hosts about or blog, to be sure that we get no privileges and can write an honest review. No of our host from Thailand knew we are writing about our travels, so all the kindness we experienced from them was not fake and played but real.

Accommodation in Bangkok Love travelling family

While looking for an accommodation we pay attention to the location. We prefer living close to the main attractions but at the same time have some place where kids can run and play. We avoid hotels and places where kids all the time must behave “nice” and sit still. This is an unnatural behavior for kids, so we try to find places where they can be themselves. Still, we don’t stay in a dump but make sure the place is safe and clean.

Kho Samui. Accommodation Love travelling family

Moreover, our kids hate sitting in the restaurants (ok, not just them, me too, it’s sooooo boring to wait for the food and bla bla bla). Therefore, we want to be sure there is a fridge in the room and a kettle, so we can eat and drink something small in the room without the necessity to go to the restaurant for everything. In Ayutthaya and Kho Samui, we had locations with restaurants within the complex, both of them were kids friendly and no one expected kids to sit still.

Ayutthaya. Accommodation in Ayutthaya

More about all of this you find here:

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Ayutthaya. Accommodation in Ayutthaya

Kho Samui. Accommodation in Kho Samui (coming soon)

The only place what could be more understandable during these times was the one in Kho Ngai: Thapwarin Resort. Majority of accommodations we booked through with the option of free cancelation. However, Thapwarin Resort we booked directly and had to pay all in advance. We wrote to the place about the situation and although other accommodations or agencies through which we booked joined tickets (bus+boat etc.) offered us either full or partial compensation, Thapwarin Resort told us they won’t. The bungalows there were horribly expensive in comparison to other islands, so we find it totally unfair to simply get paid 100% for nothing. We understand that the situation is difficult for tourism business, but this was at the beginning of the pandemics so no one could imagine that the virus will not finish within a month and will have such strong influence on business and economy. Therefore, at this point, the Thapwarin Resort was acting simply out of greed. We know hotels lost money due to Covid-19, but guess what, travelers too. So, if other places could offer at least something, saying that they are not offering anything was simply shitty. This is the only place we would not recommend or visit in the future. Moreover, during our trip in Thailand we met people who are coming to Thailand every year, some of them since 20 years. And none of them recommended Kho Ngai as something special and suggested destinations that are more friendly for families.

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