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Casa Coky this is THE casa to stay in Trinidad!


What you have to know about Trinidad: the closer to Plaza Mayor you stay, the less of real Trinidad you will experience. The center of Trinidad is overfilled with tourists, and this can be more than tiring. Therefore, we loved the location of Casa Coky. It is within walking distance from Plaza Mayor and at the same time far enough to enjoy Trinidad without bumping into tourist every 5 meters. Casa Coky is located in a real Cuban district, where more horses than cars are passing by, sellers walking (and calling) around, offering bread and onions, and children are playing on the streets. Not only we loved it, but as well our daughter. Every morning after waking up, she took her shoes and made clear that she wanted to go outside. Once we opened the door, she was fascinated by the life on the street and made funny sounds whenever a wagon with a horse was passing by. If you are staying in Trinidad, there is no better location.


Casa Coky offers two rooms. One downstairs, and one upstairs. Our room was upstairs and we liked it very much. Since there is just this one room on the 1st floor, you will have a terrace for yourself. There are rocking chairs, a place to sit and eat and a beautiful view to the patio downstairs. The room itself was perfect for the three of us. We got cute small pillows for our daughter, which was really thoughtful and sweet of the owners. In the room there is a fridge with drinks with regular prices, so we didn’t even bother to buy drinks outside in the city but took the ones from the fridge (in some casas the drinks in the rooms were really overpriced and we usually bought them in shops). Our room and bathroom were cleaned every day – this is really something we didn’t have in any other casa. Beds and towels are new and clean, which as well is not the case in other places we stayed in. The standard of the room and cleanness is the highest from all the casas we had in Cuba.

The casa itself and the owners:

The casa itself is a place you want to spend more time. We often skipped the trips around Trinidad simply to chill there. There is an aquarium with fishes in the eating area in the patio, which our daughter loved to observe. The patio is full with green plants and flowers and tastefully decorated. The roof from the inside of the casa is also overgrown with beautiful plants. In many of the other casas we stayed in the decoration was rather questionable: pictures with crying kids or weird porcelain figures… Basically places that you see and ask yourself: ”Why?”. Here your decorating taste can be at ease 🙂 You can simply enjoy staying in Casa Coky and feel that you are in Cuba.

Apart from casa itself, there is one thing I have to write about: THE OWNERS. Lisve and Albe are the most amazing hosts we have ever met, not only in Cuba. Highly educated and very warm people, who will help you with deciding what to see in Trinidad and around, organizing taxis for a good price and booking / calling casas in other locations. They speak perfect English, which is not always the case among ther other casa owners. With them you can experience the idea of casas particulares: living with and feeling like a family. There is no additional stuff such as cooks or waitresses, only Lisve and Albe and their adorable 1,5 years old daughter. Our Zosia loved to spend time with her and play, even after coming back to Munich she says: “Manda” – which is her way of “Amanda” 🙂 If you are travelling with kids, your kids will be thrilled to stay here. Be nice and don’t forget to bring something for the small one! (I allowed myself for this comment, because though in Poland (and many, many other countries) it is a natural thing to bring a present for a kid, in Germany people usually don’t even think about bringing something when they visit a family with kids 🙁  Let’s follow Polish example 🙂 ). Lisve and Albe were also very helpful, when our bus from Trinidad to Santa Clara was leaving after the check-out time. Since our room was not booked by another guest, it was not a problem to stay longer with the kid in the room. And even if, they would have come up with a comfortable solution.

Casa Coky Trinidad
Casa Coky Trinidad
Casa Coky, Trinidad Cuba
Casa Coky, Trinidad Cuba


Oh, we loved the food: fresh juices (recipes from a grandma), great cocktails (try Lisves Piña Colada and Daiquiri!), delicious breakfasts and dinners. Everything is super fresh, very tasty, a lot (we were never able to finish everything) and professionally cooked and served by the owners themselves. I personally loved the shrimps prepared by Albe. The food was so good that we never ate outside. On the day we were leaving, we got sandwiches for lunch, which was perfect, as in most of the other places there was just the option of a full dinner menu.
PS: If you are a breastfeeding mother, you have a great choice of non-alcoholic cocktails as well 😉


We talked to many different casas’ owners and we found out that the majority of the price that you pay for the rooms on pages like is actually a provision for third parties – neither page nor casa owners but people who agreed to manage the accounts. Cubans cannot themselves register on booking, so they ask for favors the people from other countries who take sometimes even 50% of what you pay for accommodation. So, if you want to save money, and make sure casa owner earns the proper amount for his service, please contact casa owners via mail etc. Booking directly with the owners is the same reliable. Cubans are honest people and they deserve to be paid fair.


The owners offer very good prices both for accommodation and food

Contact information:

Owners: Lisveisy and Alberto Carlos
Tel: (+53) 41-996253
Mobile: (+53) 53-385354 (+53) 53-487008
Address: Calle Pedro Zerquera #156 between Camilo Cienfuegos and Manuel Porto, Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus, Cuba.

Lisve, Albe and lovetravellingfamily
Lisve, Albe and lovetravellingfamily

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