Travelling with your child on the back - Part II, MiniMeis

Travelling with your child on the back – Part II

If you are travelling a lot with kids, you will soon encounter the question of how they can keep up with you. Luckily, there are a lot of possibilities. Apart from simply carrying the kid your arm – which you know is not that simple anymore after some time – there exists a large number […]

Magic travels

Magic Travels

What is travelling? Travelling is far more than visiting new places. It is not just a check-list or a scratch-off map of the countries you’ve been to (We got one of those once. It made us so confused. We had no idea what to scratch off. For example after being in Madrid should we scratch […]



Dear Travellers, We are a family that loves to travel. As a couple we had amazing (low-budget) trips and are excited about everything that we still want to explore, now with our daughter more than ever! With her we want to discover countries, cultures and people. We want to get to know the countries we […]

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