They say every festival has its story. And indeed the history of Oktoberfest goes back to 19th century. There was a king and a princess and a wedding and the tradition. Nowadays the festival lasts between 16 and 18 days and according to the tradition ends at the first Sunday of October.

In order to get attuned, here a small summary of the Oktoberfest 2014:

  • Visitors: 6,3 million
  • Oxen: 112
  • Calves: 48
  • Beer: 6,5 million Maß (liter)

Although the first thing that comes to your mind when hearing about Oktoberfest is probably “BEER”, the Oktobersfest, simply called Wiesn in Munich, is one of a kind celebration. I cannot recollect any folklore festival, where so many people wear national costumes. No matter if you are Bavarian or not, old or young, you proudly get yourself a Dirndl or Lederhosen to become a part of it. And only for this Munich deserves a huge aplaus!!! Keeping alive regional traditions and making it one of the most popular events in the world, is really something.

Tips for Oktoberfest:

Don’t miss while in Munich on Oktoberfest:

– Buy / rent traditional costume: Dirndl or Ledehosen. It is really no fun to wear jeans and some commercial hat while going through Wiesn. Be a real part of Oktoberfest! It’s worth it.

– Visit tents! The atmosfere there is really unique. Live Bavarian music, people dancing on the tables, waitresses carring 10 l of beer… You got to see it. During weekends and evenings it is almost impossible to get into most popular tents. Come earlier during the day. It’s not crowdy, you can easily find a free table and enjoy your beer 😉

– Drink beer! (This point was not neccessary, you know it already 😉 )

– Eat Weisswurst, a traditional Bavarian sausage, with süßem Senf (sweet mustard) and a Bretzel (pretzel). They are overpriced on Oktoberfest, but are served in many other places around the city. You can as well buy them in regular shops and make Weisswurstfrühstück on your own. The tradition says to not eat it later than 12am.

– Go to the tent Café Kaiserschmarrn an order the best Kaiserschmarrn you can get. It tastes similar to pancakes.

– If you are in Munich for the first time, remember that here it rains very often. So take your umbrella with you.

Tips for Oktoberfest with a baby:

– Oktoberfest is a festival where people all ages can find something for themselves. It is as well good organized and a rather safe place. So you can take with you even a very small baby. Families with baby carriages are seen pretty often.

– Pick the time when Wiesn is not so crowded. Evenings and weekends you can cross out of your list. Too many people, too many drunk people as well. During the day you can enjoy the atmosphere as well and your baby will be grateful for not having to be squeezed by drunk sreaming crowds.

And with this last sentence (with you have to learn) we wish you lots of fun at the Wiesn.

Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit Der Gemütlichkeit!!!

Oktoberfest tent
Oktoberfest tent


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