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Makarska, Croatia, BalkansWhile picking our places to stay we had to take into consideration how far they are from each other. There are really many beautiful places on the Adriatic coastline, which do not have a touristic standard ( Makarska is very popular, especially among Poles). However, as we were going before the high season, we didn’t have to worry that much and could check why so many people choose Makarska.
Makarska is a small, charming city located on a bay between the Biokovo mountains and the Adriatic Sea. The Makarska Riviera and only a 2-3 hours drive from famous Dubrovnik make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia. Beautiful beach, a promenade with palms, the old town with narrow stone-paved streets, and the harbor are definitely worth seeing and stopping there for at least a few days. We booked there 3 nights and could enjoy 2 full days of beautiful sun.We arrived in Makarska in the late afternoon and felt immediately welcome. Croatia, I would even risk to say all Balkans, is definitely a baby friendly country. People smile, people talk to the kid and the moment they find out you’re travelling with a baby they are trying to make your life easier and more comfortable. During our trip through Croatia we could recommend all (apart from one, but this comes later) places we stayed in. People were really friendly and happy that there is a small smiling human being coming with us 🙂 And although all of them were really nice, the ones that will definitely stay in our hearts are Boro and his wife – our amazing hosts from Makarska.
Our hosts laughed that we brought with us one of the strongest winds (80km/h) to Makarska Riviera. And indeed, it was strong. The first day on the way to the beach Dario had to hold me so the wind does not roll me down with Zosia (we stayed on a quite steep hill, so this was really not funny that day). When the wind got a little bit softer, we manage to enjoy some quiet time at the beach. The most beautiful moments in Makarska we had in the evenings. The sunsets at the seaside there are unforgettable.

Makarska, Croatia, Balkans Love travelling family Makarska, Sunset, Croatia, Balkans


– To Makarska we took the new highway. And although it cost more than 30€, I can’t image us going through the famous Adriatic Highway (though wait, after the road we accidentally took in Montenegro, I don’t think it would have been such a big problem anymore 😉 ). The Adriatic Highway is a part of the European route E65, connects Adriatic coastal parts of Croatia and by some people is considered to be one of the most dangerous roads. After watching pictures of it when planning the trip, we decided to skip it. Especially that it would take longer than the new highway.

– Our beach day with strong wind wouldn’t have been that easy without our beach tent. We had a simple one, no pop up, they are very practical and no much space in the car.

– Before going to Croatia and Montenegro, remember that vast majority of beaches are rocky and pebbled. So get yourself some beach shoes (we definitely will do it next time, coz no matter how tough you think you are, your feet are going to be destroyed after some time).

Makarska, Sunset, Croatia, Balkans

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