Work Trips with Family Part 2

Love travelling family @ Children's Museum, Deutsches Hygiene-Museum, Dresden
Love travelling family @ Children’s Museum, Deutsches Hygiene-Museum, Dresden

Time for the second part of our guide to work trips with family. Now let’s go into more details and find out about sightseeing and shopping

  1. Sightseeing: what, when, and how

If you are staying longer than 2 days in one place, planning sightseeing is much easier as you don’t have to worry about time. So before you go get information about the place, pick the attractions you are interested in, check the distance between them, and divide them between the days you are staying in the city. TIPS:

What to see:

If you are travelling with kids, you have to adjust to their needs. And they will definitely want to have fun and time to simply run outside. On the other hand, you are still you and have your needs too. So, find a compromise. For example: one day we go to the Zoo or kids museum, another day we see a gallery with our kid in a baby stroller but later we plan some time to let our kids simply run in a park, etc. Remember kids are happier when their parents are happy too, and the other way around.

When and how to see:

If you are visiting kids’ attractions: pick the time either before lunch & nap or after nap.

If you are visiting a gallery or a museum, where your kid has to say in a stroller, the best time is after lunch and before nap, so the kid stays awake for some time and later on takes a nap, while you can continue with an exhibition. If you are still not done after your kid wakes up, there is still a huge chance that he/she will survive additional half an hour till 40 min in a stroller. If after that you are still not done with the museum, forget it. Your kid was patient enough, now its time to run outside.

For a city walk we usually pick time before lunch & nap or in the evening; then we take a carrier and Zosia falls asleep in it. The plus of the evening walks is as well that during work-related trips this is the time your partner will be usually available. TIP: Before going for an evening walk, change your kid into pajamas and put other clothes on it. It will be easier to put your kid to bed after coming back without waking it up.

Love travelling family evening walk in Dresden, travelling with kids
Love travelling family evening walk in Dresden, travelling with kids
  1. Smart souvenirs

If you have visiting museums on you sightseeing list, remember to check museums’ shops. Every often they offer a wide variety of books, games, puzzles, toys, etc. that are theme related to the character of museum or gallery. We for example found some great books introducing kids to art, puzzles: human body for kids, and attention … real gem!!! : reproductions of vintage paper dolls with country traditional costumes, simply breathtaking. Getting souvenirs like this gives you as well a possibility to somehow continue your sightseeing back in a hotel. After coming from the gallery, we sat down with a kids’ book about art and looked for the artists we saw that day. We could as well continue our art adventure with DIY projects.

Smart souvenirs from museums, travelling with family
Smart souvenirs from museums, travelling with family


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