Folk decorative towel, detail grapes

Folk decorative towels from Podlasie, Poland

About Podlasie and China: What connects folk decorative towels from Podlasie with the secret script of Hunan province and why Katalog Ręczników Ludowych (Catalogue of Folk Decorative Towels) by A. Dębowska, K. Sołub & J. Sołub is much more than a catalogue. Through China to Podlasie Before I start telling you about folk decorative towels […]

Love travelling family @ Podhale

Weekend in Zakopane, Poland

Podhale, hej! After our road trip through Slovakia we arrived in Poland. One of the best places to cross the border to Poland is definitely through Slovakia. North Slovakia and the south of Poland share the same mountain range – Carpathians. And wherever there are mountains there is a specific culture of the region. In […]

Festivals in Podlasie

Summer of Festivals

It seems that there is one place on Earth where all the possible cultures and nationalities gather in summer and this place is the most rural part of Poland – Podlasie. The region itself is worth quite a few separate blog entries, as apart from the beautiful nature, you can’t easily find such a small […]

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