Thailand with kids. Travel guide. Asia for families Love travelling family

Thailand with kids. Travel guide to Asia for families

Thailand with kids. Travel guide to Asia for families If you are thinking about taking your baby / kid to Asia for the first time, you probably asked yourself a question: Where should I go first? Where to start our family adventure in Asia? We asked ourself the same question and although Laos, Cambodia, and […]

Harlem, New York City with kids. Travel tips for families.

Harlem, New York City with kids. Travel tips for families.

Harlem, New York City with kids. Travel tips for families. There are a few spots in the world where I feel like at home, I feel like I’m not visiting but coming back. One of them is definitely Harlem, one of my favorite places in New York City. I lived for a few months in […]

Zipline Canopy adventure in Valle de los Ingenios, Trinidad. Active Cuba with kids Love travelling family

Zipline: Canopy adventure in Valle de los Ingenios, Trinidad. Active Cuba with kids

Zipline: Canopy adventure in Valle de los Ingenios, Trinidad. Active Cuba with kids Trinidad has not only an amazing old town and great beaches nearby. If you like spending active vacation with you family and kids, you should try ziplining – canopy adventure. We (adults and two kids age 4,5) did a canopy ride with […]

Climbing in Viñales, Cuba Love travelling family

Climbing and horse riding in Cuba. Active Cuba with kids.

Climbing and horse riding in Cuba. Active Cuba with kids. One of the places that should not be skipped during your trip in Cuba, whether with kids or without is Viñales. Not only it’s unbelievably beautiful but as well there is whole bunch of staff to do here. And no, not being close to water […]

Dia de los muertos in Ocotepec

Día de los muertos in Ocotepec

  “One of these cities is Ocotepec in the southern part of Mexico. Here the day of the dead is one of the most important festivals, where the cult stands out for its cultural and religious richness. Arturo and his family went there this year and he took some amazing pictures of the happening.” That […]

Lovetravellingfamily in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Why you should travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Before we start, please tell me what is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear: “Bosnia and Herzegovina”. If that thought is anything else than: “amazing”, “OMG”, “no words” or “when are we going”, it means you haven’t travelled to Bosnia and Herzegovina at all or you were there during war. […]

Travelling with your child on the back - Part II, MiniMeis

Travelling with your child on the back – Part II

If you are travelling a lot with kids, you will soon encounter the question of how they can keep up with you. Luckily, there are a lot of possibilities. Apart from simply carrying the kid your arm – which you know is not that simple anymore after some time – there exists a large number […]

Love travelling family and our hosts Viñales, Cuba

Viñales, Cuba

Viñales, Cuba When people ask us which three places to see in Cuba, we always answer Havana, Viñales, and Trinidad, as each of these places has its own unforgettable flavor. However, although both in Havana and Trinidad it was quite simple to make a list of top ten must see things, Viñales doesn’t fall into […]

Havana, Cuba Casa Botello

Casas Particulares in Havana, Cuba: Casa Botello

Dear Readers this is our guest’s article about Casa Botello in Havana. If you are also interested in posting one of your articles, please contact us.   (Para todos los lectores en español: desplácese hacia abajo para ver el texto en español.) Host name: Rafael Bermúdez Pérez Accommodation name: Casa Botello Capacity: 5 (between the […]

Christmas market Munich, Germany Weihnachtsmarkt

Christmas markets in Germany: Weihnachtsmarkt

Christmas markets in Germany: Weihnachtsmarkt, Christmas traditions Whenever you decide to visit Germany, Austria or Switzerland in December, the one thing you can’t go without attending are Christmas markets. A Christmas market (called as well Weihnachtsmarkt or Christkindlmarkt) is a street market during the four weeks of Advent (between 1st and 24th of December) that […]

The Best Children’s Books by Love travelling family

The Best Children’s Books

Looking for an inspiration and good children’s books? Here you’ll find the list of the best kids books and stories for kids we’ve read recently. I must admit, whenever I enter someone’s home and I notice that there are no books there, I am literally scared. I’m scared as I know that no matter how […]

Love travelling family @ Children's Museum, Deutsches Hygiene-Museum, Dresden

Work Trips with Family Part 2

Time for the second part of our guide to work trips with family. Now let’s go into more details and find out about sightseeing and shopping Sightseeing: what, when, and how If you are staying longer than 2 days in one place, planning sightseeing is much easier as you don’t have to worry about time. […]

Best beaches in Cuba

Best Beaches in Cuba

Best Beaches in Cuba One of the reasons (and there are thousands of them) why we love Cuba is because no matter in which point of the island you are there are not more than 100 km to some beach. And this is the luxury not many countries have. If you ask people, what beaches […]

Travel Tips 2017

Travel tips for families

How to visit 5 capitals in one year: travel tips for families Last year was a good year. It was the year when we travelled to 5 capitals and were in 8 countries. And it didn’t happen because we are rich and have unlimited budget. Neither, because we are unrealistic hippies wandering happily through the […]

Welcome to Tbilisi

About happiness of eating solyanka and chebureki sitting on the floor and how we landed in the 18th century Caucasus Farewell Kiev After wandering through beautiful Kiev and putting Zosia to sleep in our hostel room, instead of getting some rest, we somehow miraculously ended up sitting till midnight on the floor in the corridor […]

Love travelling family at 80th birthday of the Tibetan Buddhist teacher Garchen Rinpoche

Always follow the White Rabbit

About Alice in Wonderland, birthdays, and Tibet: why you should always follow the White Rabbit, what magical places the Rabbit-Hole may lead you to, and how we ended up on the 80th birthday of the Tibetan Buddhist teacher Garchen Rinpoche Down the Rabbit-Hole “Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister […]

Folk decorative towel, detail grapes

Folk decorative towels from Podlasie, Poland

About Podlasie and China: What connects folk decorative towels from Podlasie with the secret script of Hunan province and why Katalog Ręczników Ludowych (Catalogue of Folk Decorative Towels) by A. Dębowska, K. Sołub & J. Sołub is much more than a catalogue. Through China to Podlasie Before I start telling you about folk decorative towels […]

Love travelling family @ Podhale

Weekend in Zakopane, Poland

Podhale, hej! After our road trip through Slovakia we arrived in Poland. One of the best places to cross the border to Poland is definitely through Slovakia. North Slovakia and the south of Poland share the same mountain range – Carpathians. And wherever there are mountains there is a specific culture of the region. In […]


Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is guaranteed in many countries. In the US it’s protected by the First Amendment. It is recognized by other countries constitutions and laws. But what is this freedom of speech? Let me quote Wiki here: “Freedom of speech is the right to communicate one’s opinions and ideas without fear of government retaliation […]

View from tower of Museo Histórico Municipal, Trinidad

Things to do in Trinidad

From Cienfuegos to Trinidad we took the Viazul bus. One has to be at the bus stop 30 minutes earlier to “check in,” which is to change your receipt to the actual bus ticket. We as well had to check-in the luggage for 0,50 CUC per piece. The drive from Cienfuegos is not long, moreover […]

Two days in Cienfuegos, Cuba

Two days in Cienfuegos, Cuba

How to get there If you are planning your trip through Cuba and you are certain that you want to see Playa Larga and Trinidad, a two day stop in Cienfuegos , which is between these two cities, is definitely a great idea. There is a very comfortable Viazul bus connection from Playa Larga to […]

Ciénaga de Zapata, pink flamingos

Ciénaga de Zapata tours

Ciénaga de Zapata (Zapata Swamp) is a National Park and a Unesco Biosphere Reserve. 175 species of birds, 31 species of reptiles, over thousand different species of insects, crabs etc. that’s only a small amount of what Ciénaga de Zapata has to offer. It is well a heaven for bird watchers, as there are around […]

Festivals in Podlasie

Summer of Festivals

It seems that there is one place on Earth where all the possible cultures and nationalities gather in summer and this place is the most rural part of Poland – Podlasie. The region itself is worth quite a few separate blog entries, as apart from the beautiful nature, you can’t easily find such a small […]

Our colectivo, Love travelling family in Cuba

Bay of Pigs, Playa Larga

About broken colectivos, dead crabs, mermaids, and how we didn’t see It coming… On  April 15th 1961 Americans started to put into life their masterplan: invade Cuba and overthrow Fidel Castro. It was a total fiasco from start to finish: planes missed their targets, Castro found out about the invasion in advance and “cleaned” the […]

Havana Vieja, Cuba

Havana diaries

OH! THE PLACES YOU’LL GO! We’ve been to great places, we’ve seen a lot, we’ve followed the dead and the alive, and now it’s time to do the most important thing in Havana: throw out your tour guide and follow your heart Being busy while visiting all recommended attractions, we often forget to have a […]

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