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If you live longer time in one place, it always somehow happens. You simply get used to the place and do not notice the beauty of it. We have been living in Munich for a few years now, and on the way our attention to the city faded. We barely made pictures of it, we barely visited all the places the newcomers usually do. I remember coming to Munich for the first time, running from one place to the other, seeing everything like the city was just about to disappear. And now??? Marienplatz -few times in a year and occasional trips to the most popular Munich attractions when “no-Munichers” are visiting us. Sad and ignorant of us. It’s time to change it. So we took day-off, we took camera with us, and went to the city. We made pictures of everything that we would like to have in our foto album, as if this was our first time in Munich. And it worked. We started to look at our city in a fresh way. And believe us, it is BEAUTIFUL.

Things to do in Munich

What to do in Munich? Uuuu, it’s going to be a long paragraph 😉 Munich has so many beautiful places, marvelous architecture and green areas, that it is really worth taking a walk through the city. Here are a few routs we personally recommend.

Take a walk around Marienplatz

Start your walk from Marienplatz, the heart of the city. The history of the name of the square goes back to 1854, when citizens of Munich asked Mother of God to protect them from the epidemic of cholera. On the square there is a geographical center of Munich marked by the Mariensäule (a column with a golden sculpture of the Virgin Mary). The major attraction of Marienplatz is undoubtedly Neues Rathaus (New Town Hall). This 19th century building simply astonishes you with its rich ornaments. When you are there, at 11 a.m. (as well 12 p.m. and 5 p.m. in summer) don’t miss Rathaus Glokenspiel: clock bells from Neues Rathaus tower are playing and colored life-sized figures are dancing.

Close to the New Town Hall stands the Old one. Here is located Toy Museum, which displays a unique collection of historical toys: old dolls, teddy bears, card trains… Here you definitely become a child again 😉 If the weather is good (whoever lives in Munich, already knows: haha, not that simple), your next stop should definitely be the Peterskirche tower. St. Peter’s church is Munich’s oldest church, but what makes it really special for me, is the fact that it is standing on the highest point of the Old Town, and offers a beautiful panorama view. Remember Munich’s panorama with Alps on the postcards? Yes, that’s what you see from Peterskirche.

Near the church there is as well a Viktualienmarkt, considered to be Munich’s oldest and most picturesque. It is interesting to visit it, but everything is really overpriced here. Unless you get here just before closing, some stands sell fruit and vegies half price (still over the regular price you get in a good supermarket). Apart from the price, the biggest minus of Viktualienmarkt is that is closes after 18. If you are working in Munich, you are basically screwed: whenever you’re done with work, shops, many cafés, markets, etc, are either already closed or are just about to close. When it comes to a dreamy atmosphere of an old- town-sunset-evening-live-begins, you are not finding it in Munich. If you happen to be in Marienplatz after 8 pm: welcome to a ghost town! Shame on you Munich, shame on you!!!

But let me assume that the walk, we are just about to continue, you are taking during the day. So let’s go further through Kaufingerstr. in the direction of Karlsplatz. On the way you will be passing by many stores, that is the most popular shopping street in Munich. Brands of the shops are well known, prices are as everywhere else, so if you find sth on sale, go for it. On your way don’t miss Frauenkirche. There is a legend saying that the cathedral’s builder wanted to prove to the Devil that no window could be seen from inside. Indeed, if you are standing at the spot where the Devil made his footprint, you can see only a wall of pillars. If you have some time, you can visit as well Michaelskirche, and Bürgersaal. But what would Bavaria do without its beer? For an authentic Brauhaus experience go to Augustinerbraü. Most of those typical Bavarian bars have one thing in common, of course apart from serving beer 😉 , usually the staff is really, really unfriendly and sometimes even rude. Well, they don’t care if you’re there, those places are very popular, so if not you, someone else is definitely coming. It doesn’t mean you can’t check it out. Simply be prepared.

Your walk ends at Karlstor – gate from the medieval town’s fortification. If you are visiting in summer, there is a beautiful fountain waiting for you on Karlsplatz. In winter you can get here Glühwien (mulled wine) and skate.

…to be continued…

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