Zipline Canopy adventure in Valle de los Ingenios, Trinidad. Active Cuba with kids Love travelling family

Zipline: Canopy adventure in Valle de los Ingenios, Trinidad. Active Cuba with kids

Zipline: Canopy adventure in Valle de los Ingenios, Trinidad. Active Cuba with kids Trinidad has not only an amazing old town and great beaches nearby. If you like spending active vacation with you family and kids, you should try ziplining – canopy adventure. We (adults and two kids age 4,5) did a canopy ride with […]

Climbing in Viñales, Cuba Love travelling family

Climbing and horse riding in Cuba. Active Cuba with kids.

Climbing and horse riding in Cuba. Active Cuba with kids. One of the places that should not be skipped during your trip in Cuba, whether with kids or without is Viñales. Not only it’s unbelievably beautiful but as well there is whole bunch of staff to do here. And no, not being close to water […]

Love travelling family and our hosts Viñales, Cuba

Viñales, Cuba

Viñales, Cuba When people ask us which three places to see in Cuba, we always answer Havana, Viñales, and Trinidad, as each of these places has its own unforgettable flavor. However, although both in Havana and Trinidad it was quite simple to make a list of top ten must see things, Viñales doesn’t fall into […]

Best beaches in Cuba

Best Beaches in Cuba

Best Beaches in Cuba One of the reasons (and there are thousands of them) why we love Cuba is because no matter in which point of the island you are there are not more than 100 km to some beach. And this is the luxury not many countries have. If you ask people, what beaches […]

View from tower of Museo Histórico Municipal, Trinidad

Things to do in Trinidad

From Cienfuegos to Trinidad we took the Viazul bus. One has to be at the bus stop 30 minutes earlier to “check in,” which is to change your receipt to the actual bus ticket. We as well had to check-in the luggage for 0,50 CUC per piece. The drive from Cienfuegos is not long, moreover […]

Two days in Cienfuegos, Cuba

Two days in Cienfuegos, Cuba

How to get there If you are planning your trip through Cuba and you are certain that you want to see Playa Larga and Trinidad, a two day stop in Cienfuegos , which is between these two cities, is definitely a great idea. There is a very comfortable Viazul bus connection from Playa Larga to […]

Ciénaga de Zapata, pink flamingos

Ciénaga de Zapata tours

Ciénaga de Zapata (Zapata Swamp) is a National Park and a Unesco Biosphere Reserve. 175 species of birds, 31 species of reptiles, over thousand different species of insects, crabs etc. that’s only a small amount of what Ciénaga de Zapata has to offer. It is well a heaven for bird watchers, as there are around […]

Our colectivo, Love travelling family in Cuba

Bay of Pigs, Playa Larga

About broken colectivos, dead crabs, mermaids, and how we didn’t see It coming… On  April 15th 1961 Americans started to put into life their masterplan: invade Cuba and overthrow Fidel Castro. It was a total fiasco from start to finish: planes missed their targets, Castro found out about the invasion in advance and “cleaned” the […]

Havana Vieja, Cuba

Havana diaries

OH! THE PLACES YOU’LL GO! We’ve been to great places, we’ve seen a lot, we’ve followed the dead and the alive, and now it’s time to do the most important thing in Havana: throw out your tour guide and follow your heart Being busy while visiting all recommended attractions, we often forget to have a […]

Plaza de la Revólucion, Che


How do we start writing about Vedado? Well, it was a borough of Havana we liked the least (in comparison to the two others we stayed in for longer: La Habana Vieja and Centro Habana). In Vedado all old-Cuban-style glamour and charm is somehow lost under the concrete. Streets are overcrowded, busses and cars too […]

Necrópolis de Cristóbal Colón, Havana

Between life and death

In the last two days we visited in Havana all sites that most of the tourists usually do. We took you for a few walks in Centro Habana and La Habana Vieja. We saw El Capitolio, the Malecón, and Paseo de Prado. We walked through the most famous touristic Calles. We admired pampered squares in […]

Old Cuban car in Havana Vieja

La Habana Vieja: walking tour

Day 2 Time to start day 2 in Havana and discover La Habana Vieja. La Habana Vieja (Old Havana) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a major tourist attraction in Havana, and one of the most beautiful places in the capital of Cuba (though if anyone would ask us to pick the most beautiful place, […]

Centro Habana

Centro Habana walking tours

Day 1 We wake up at 4:20, after notoriously waking up all night. And now it is 6 am. The sun is rising and roosters are crowing. Yes, yes, we are in the middle of old Havana and roosters are crowing in the morning… If you have just arrived to Cuba from Europe, you probably […]

Capitolio, Havana

Havana in black and white

Havana’s nostalgia toast To Havana – the most photogenic city in the world, where every street corner is a postcard: To Havana, To its cars – living memories of the past; To its glamour hidden in the paint scratches To its people To its dust To its colors And to its blacks and whites…   […]

things to do in Havana

Things to do in Havana

What to do in Havana in 6 days. A list of the major tourist attractions. During our trip through Cuba we were in the capital three times. Havana is where most of the tourists land and pass while travelling through the country. Havana is a hello and good bye Cuba spot. Before I visited Havana, […]

How to travel in Cuba

How to travel in Cuba

Transportation in Cuba. Domestic flights: There are some airline services offered within the country from Havana to the major Cuban cities. However, the flights are sometimes once a week only. Plus they are not the cheapest travelling option. Still, if you would like to go to Cayo Largo, you have no other choice to get […]

Casas Particulares in Havana, Cuba

Casas Particulares in Havana

If you are staying in Havana during your trip to Cuba, there is absolutely no reason to book a hotel. There are many other definitely more interesting options of accommodation, that offer you not only a cozy room but as well a home like atmosphere and an opportunity to see how real Cubans are living. […]

CUC vs CUP, Cuban currency

Cuban currency

If you are used to travelling through the Eurozone, here in Cuba it starts to be a little bit confusing. Because Cuba has two currencies, yeah! The Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC$) – simply called convertibles – and Non-Convertible Pesos (CUP) / Moneda Nacional (MN$) simply – Cuban Pesos. Non-Cubans use mostly convertibles. That’s what you […]

Centro Habana Cuba

Welcome to Cuba! A slap in the face!

We land in Havana at 8pm. Checking our documents goes really quickly, as here people with a kid are picked by the officials from the crowd and taken to the front. No pushing, no big deal, it’s simply reasonable and human: you have a baby, you go first. People say that coming to Cuba is […]

Casas Particulares in Trinidad

Casas Particulares in Trinidad

Casa Coky this is THE casa to stay in Trinidad! Location: What you have to know about Trinidad: the closer to Plaza Mayor you stay, the less of real Trinidad you will experience. The center of Trinidad is overfilled with tourists, and this can be more than tiring. Therefore, we loved the location of Casa […]

Havana streets Cuba

Casas Particulares in Cuba

Where to stay in Cuba? If you are travelling to Cuba, you can of course stay in a hotel, but who am I kidding, I don’t expect those people would bother to read our blog. To get closer to Cuba, its life and Cubans, for your accommodation choose casas particulares. A casa paticular is a […]

Woman with a cigar, Cuba

How to prepare your trip to Cuba

When to travel to Cuba When it comes to the weather there are two seasons in Cuba that you have to take into consideration: dry and hurricane seasons. The dry season lasts from November to April. You can expect a good weather with lots of sun and low rain. Nevertheless, the dry season is not […]

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